The Majestic Maluti Mountain Range and the Activities it offers in Clarens

Posted on Mon June 18, 2018 in Clarens Activities.

The imposing Maluti Mountain range forms part of the Drakensberg system on the border of South Africa and Lesotho. It spans 100km and connects the Free State in South Africa with the Butha-Buthe District in Lesotho. The Maluti Mountain range gets its name from the word ‘Loti’, which is the currency of Lesotho (Maloti is the plural of Loti).

It is in the foothills of these mountains where we have our boutique hotel – Mont d’Or Clarens. These rolling hills, jagged mountainsides and towering peaks are our home and it gives our guests a unique playground. Whether you want to stroll leisurely around the mountainside or attack it with some gear and a map, the Maluti Mountains will not disappoint.


Here are the top activities


For those who like to cut up the slopes with a board or some skis, you’ll love the ski packages that we have created in partnership with AfriSki. If this sounds like your type of mountain activity, click here to see our current ski packages, or click here to read our blog.




If you enjoy taking on the peaks and valleys of the mountainous landscape, you’ll love the variety of trails that all start at your doorstep. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rider – visiting us in the winter or summer – you’ll love the river intersections, rocky descents, and the stunning scenery all around.





For those who’d rather stick to the level ground and explore the town and nearby areas to a more leisurely pace, ask about our bicycles at reception.





If you’d prefer to explore the beautiful mountainside by foot, we can give you some great recommendations for trials and picnic spots in the area. End off your hike with a tall drink on the balcony and look back on the landscapes that you conquered.


Extreme Activities

For adrenaline-inducing activities, there’s Clarens Xtreme. We partnered with Clarens Xtreme to give our guests access to the very best in thrilling activities the Maluti Mountains have to offer. From abseiling to paintball, Clarens Xtreme has it all. To find out how you can attack the mountain, click here.



If adrenaline is not your thing (or you experience enough of it in your daily life) then we recommend rather filling your veins with Melatonin, the “rest and recuperation hormone”. At Mont d’Or Clarens we offer a range of activities to help you relax and unwind while still enjoying the view of the spectacular Maluti Mountains.



Go for a de-stressing massage at our spa, indulge in a hearty meal at our La Vue Parfaite restaurant and enjoy the views from your balcony as the sun sets on the awe-inspiring Maluti Mountains.

Read more about La Vue Parfaite restaurant here



If these aren’t enough reasons to visit the Maluti Mountains, why not check out our amazing special offers to see how you can save on your trip.


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